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Search your Research. Save hours.

Save yourself hours of sifting through audio / video recordings and get answers to your most pressing questions, instantly. Turn data into decisions.

Extract quotes, metrics, behaviours, anomalies, and more.
Never re-listen to an interview recording again.
Import surveys, CSV files, and more.
De-bias your analysis.

AI-Powered Interviews.

Design and deploy AI-powered interviews to get the depth of user interviews at the scale of surveys.

Dig deeper & increase engagement with smart, AI-powered follow-up questions.
Reach people in up to 70 different languages.
No more cancelled interviews and scheduling.
Build a continuous feedback pipeline.

Unearth "the why" behindcustomer behaviour.

You might know "what" your customers are doing, but InsightLab helps you unearth why customers behave the way they do.

Make product decisions that drive conversion.
Find net-new opportunities for improvement.
Truly unearth the voice of your customer, at scale.
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What customers say about us

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InsightLab has saved me hours of sifting through audio and video recordings. I can get the data I need in seconds.

Brandon C
Product Manager

As the only researcher in our team, InsightLab has helped me empower the team to get curious. Instead of going through dusty decks, managers are running their own queries to understand customers.

Harry H
User Researcher

I've been able to integrate InsightLab into my weekly email newsletter and it's definitely increased the amount of open-text data I'm receiving.

Jeff T
Independent Business Owner

InsightLab has helped me feel like I can quickly dig deep, through a lot of data, without compromising quality. Being able to chop and splice the data how I please has been awesome.

Jon C
Insights Manager


Capture more data, unearth rich insights, and drive informed decisions.
Richer Insights
Get more information from each and every participant with dynamic interviews.
Free your Calendar
Everything runs asynchronously. Run user interviews without scheduling.
Save time on analysis
Extract and analyze thousands of text responses with powerful querying tools.
Increase Accessibility
Deploy in 70 different languages and access on any mobile or desktop platform.

Invent the Future with InsightLab

Enabling qualitative research at scale to help product teams make informed decisions and solutions that resonate.


Launch a study with existing customers or a specific demographic with just a few clicks.


Your data belongs to you and is never sold or used to train AI models. All data is securely stored on SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified servers.


Reach almost anyone, in any language. Our surveys are capable of speaking and analyzing 70 different languages.


Our team of researchers
is there to support throughout your study.

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