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About InsightLab

We believe that empathy forms the foundation for creating solutions that resonate and ultimately succeed in the market. It all starts with a conversation. But we can't just simply ask people what they want:

"If I asked what people wanted, they would have said a faster horse" ~ Henry Ford

InsightLab helps product teams obtain critical customer insights by enabling qualitative user research at scale. Traditional user research methods, like user interviews, provide rich depth of insight, but require numerous steps and a high level of skill for synthesis, making it expensive to do with large numbers of participants. On the other hand, quantitative approaches like conducting surveys offer breadth, but lack depth because they are either static or a preprogrammed flow of questions.

Our platform enables the best of both worlds! We deploy “digital researchers” to nurture rich, dynamic conversations with participants through conversational surveys that listen, respond, and ask follow up questions to dig deeper into topics similar to how a user interview might be conducted. The data is then processed through our Language Processing Engine to seamlessly extracts responses, behaviours, values, intent, and more from natural language responses.

The information gathered through this process can help uncover hidden insights and latent customer needs, which inform how you improve or define products, features, and strategies that resonate with customers.
Whether it's evaluative research on existing products or generative research to invent new products, InsightLab empowers teams to make informed decisions and develop targeted, impactful solutions across industries.

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